DFDS Professionals offers value to companies through
flexible business models, experienced employees and deep
operational knowledge

Adapt to changing demands

The rapid availability of talented, qualified individuals allows companies to smoothly adapt to changing market demands and tackle any sudden challenge with ease.

Increase knowledge transfer

By centralising the the process of recruiting and placing employees, DFDS Professionals can increase the knowledge transfer between companies in our business areas.

Recruit the right people

We work to understand your company culture and manage your entire recruitment process to ensure the ideal candidates are presented to you exactly when you need them.

Create synergies

DFDS Professionals is in a position to find common needs and create synergies that increase efficiency for companies in our business areas.


Finding the right candidate for a specific role in logistics and industry is only getting more difficult. Skill sets are getting more specialized and new technologies require candidates with the latest knowhow to operate them. Moreover, with the nature of employment itself shifting to encompass contract workers, temporary appointments and even seasonal support, finding the right candidate at the right time is increasingly stressful.

With the launch of Professionals, DFDS has taken the first step towards establishing a pool of talented candidates with the specific skill sets required for your industry to make it simpler and quicker for you to appoint the perfect candidate.


We use the latest and most innovative recruitment techniques to attract top performers in your industry. Through testing and evaluations, we make sure only the right candidates are presented to you, and at the right time, to help you build your organization faster and smarter. Our in-depth experience in the logistics and industry allows us to find quality candidates with the right skill set for any position. Partnering with us also enables you to find professionals with the experience and culture to fit into your company with ease.

Working together towards the perfect match:

1. Kick-off

We visit your office to gain an understanding of your culture and what you are looking for in employees.

2. Interviews

We take the entire recruitment process off your hands, finding and presenting ideal candidates so you spend time only on the people that are the right fit for your business.

3. Hire top talent

Take on challenges and elevate your business with absolute confidence in your new employees.


We are devoted to increasing knowledge transfer within our business areas in order to improve our industries going forward. As a focal point for companies and professionals throughout logistics and industry in Sweden, Professionals is well-positioned to identify common needs between businesses and facilitate synergies for greater efficiency.

With a primary focus on the public transport area, Professionals also encompasses related industries and the service side, including logistics arrangements where customers buy a complete package that includes digital services, infrastructure, and personnel.

Professionals aims to become the trusted choice for both customers and professionals. When a business requires new skills to handle new technologies for the benefit of its customers, we will have a talent pool of qualified people to do it.


As logistics and industry specialists, you can rely on us to have an in-depth understanding of any unique challenges your company may face and the ability to appoint the staff you need to overcome them.

We have intimate knowledge of your industry and are aware of what the future will bring. When your business requires certain skills to handle new technologies for the benefit of your customers, you will be able to draw on our pool of talented people to find the right person for the challenge.